Monday, 5 July 2010

Radio Controlled Lamborghini 1:18 Scale

 1:18 Scale model Radio Control Lamborghini

•    Speed

Nothing special about the speed of this car, but it’s not going to disappoint either but plenty of fun still enough speed to get some sideways action if your on the right terrain and is alot faster than most other cars in this price range, or abit dearer.
•    Handling

Brilliant handling with this car much like the previous Ferrari your not going to be doing hardcore drifting or high speeds but you can handle your car more than adequately for pretty much anything you might want to do, gives more of a realistic driving experience rather than a toy one. 
•    Looks

Great looking car, it doesn’t have masses of detail on it but certainly looks like a very beautiful scale model of the dream super car Ferrari, fully working lights front and back, as well as a small flashing LED light inside so you know it's on and working, and a pretty nifty light show in the dark

Priced in at around 10 15pounds you really cannot complain, very cheap enjoyable, exciting and beautiful little car

•    Control Range

No real complaints in this section, but nothing to write home about either, decent enough range and control as you’d expect with a car of this style of car.

    Battery Usage

Unlike the previous Ferrari this Lambo has a plug in battery pack which makes it alot easier and lasts alot longer, and run that bit smoother.
•    Controller

Uses 2 AA batteries, very small compact and simple controller nothing special on it, just does what it's there for can't complain but can't say anything about it.

•    Over view

This Lamborghini is a very good car basically the previous Ferrari, just a different car with a chargeable battery , decent looks, great drive, reasonably detailed and a lot of fun I would say it’s more for the younger kinds below the age of about 12/13 to enjoy fully, or for anyone who has ever dreamt of owning their very own Lambo but for the cheap price anyone else would still be able to have a lot of fun with it, all in all I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

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