Monday, 5 July 2010

9074 R/C remote control Helicopter

9057 radio controlled helicopter review

•    Speed /height

Not really amazing height and speed with this, but you won't find yourself wanting for anything!
•    Handling

Amazing handling, we've often found it abit difficult to get alot of helicopters to actually go backwards and forwards properly, but this little beauty does it with very little problems at all, brilliant.

Reasonable looking heli’ with a plastic moulded body, metal frame and a lot of lights around it, including a motion light on the rotor that especially in the dark/night time gives you a very exciting rave style light show as you fly.
•    Price

Not really sure about the price of this as it’s an exclusive to us at the moment and isn’t yet released until sometime next month, but I’d expect it to be a pretty good amount, especially for how good the copter is!

•    Control Range

We’ve had no problems with the range of this helicopter even with dwindling batteries it’s been near on perfect with the range, unless you try to fly it miles away you won’t have any problems
•    Battery Usage

The controller runs off 4 AA batteries and they last as with most controllers, and the helicopter it’s self has a li-polymer battery with a plug in charger, and lasts for a good hour or so of full on use!

•    Controller

Great controller with this, looks abit retro and has a lot of styling on it to look pretty technical, there’s also a left/right trim control on that allows that extra bit of control if it happens to be going off to 1 side, aswell as a power light bar at the top that lights up as you up the power.

•    Over view
Over all this is an excellent RC helicopter, looks good with pretty unique fun lights on the balance rotor, amazing handling allowing near perfect flight, great controller with everything you could want, and abit more, and great range. I’d suggest it for about 13 and up and give it a rating of a high 4 out of 5.

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