Saturday, 31 July 2010

1:10th scale licensed radio control car citroen Xsara VTS

1:10th scale licensed radio control car citroen Xsara VTS Review


•    Speed

A pretty speedy car, maybe not one of the fastest but on the right terrain you won’t find yourself wanting although it can be a little sluggish to get moving on rough terrain, but as it’s meant to be a track race car, that would be expected.
•    Handling

Much like the speed the handling isn’t the greatest, but on the right terrain and with the right track you will find yourself turning perfectly fine and even on all terrain it’ll still turn and even spin perfectly fine.
•    Looks

This car, as with most of the bigger better RC cars has a simple overlay plastic body, with graphics to look like the Citroën Xsara track car with all the same graphics for the driver, sponsors, lights, grill everything also including some really nice looking alloy wheels and small LED lights just behind each wheel which gives an amazing look if driving in the dark! 
•    Price

Reasonable price for this, quite abit cheaper than the next stage up (drift cars etc) but with still alot of the same joys it’s not only alot of fun to just drive, but then you can also spend hour upon hour replacing the various bits, modding everything and anything to create your very own customised high performance RC car exactly how you want it, you'd have to get a real car to get anything better in that department.
•    Control Range

Big aerial on car and controller, decently built and priced so as you’d expect it has a fairly high standard, and this carries on with the control range.
•    Battery Usage

a built rechargeable battery as with most cars, and 1 9V battery for the controller which comes in the box along with the car so you won’t be left searching through the draws for that battery you saw last Christmas, both last for a long long time no complaints.
•    Controller

Uses 6 AA batteries in the base, very big manly feeling controller that full of gadgets, you can adjust the positioning of the 'trigger', invert the forward and backwards motion and the steering if you'd prefer, you can even adjust the wheel angle of your car if it's pulling to 1 side, or you for whatever reason want to aim a certain direction, Or if you find it’s not quiet set up right for you, a slight edit of the trim can set it perfectly.

•    Over view

Really really good car, looks great, good speed, handling, controller and battery life, and underneath the body, and the unique and very good protective box holding the inner workings of this car, plenty to chop and change, improve and create your own perfect RC car, recommended for the mid age, between 12 upwards, and i’d give it a 4 out of 5.


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