Sunday, 1 August 2010

Radio Controlled Mini Cooper 1:10 Scale model

Radio Controlled Mini Cooper 1:10 Scale model Review


Mini Speed

Reasonable enough speed with this beauty, but a car like this is more about looks, you won't be going slowly but not going to be speeding off either not really much to say goes about as fast as you'd expect, the surface your on can make quite abit of difference as well.
•    Mini Handling

Much like the speed the handling for this is nothing amazing, yes it'll turn just as much as you want and you won't be having to go left, then back and right, then left again to get around a corner, more like a realistic car driving in miniature than a fast crazy toy which with it being more of a scale model than a ‘toy’, you'd expect.  
•   Mini Looks

exceptionally beautiful car, much like a real mini it has everything, the iconic body shape, the two tone paint (roof/wing mirrors + body), fully working front and rear lights, a near perfect reconstruction of a real life mini inside along with the minis very own large rev counter/Speedo, add in working doors which is pretty rare nowadays, and LED lights both inside and behind each wheel, as well as the possibility of driving with it’s own soundtrack, it plays music!!.
 Mini Price

This car is so beautiful it's worth it for just the use as a scale model sitting on a shelf, add to the fact you can have loads of fun driving it!, well worth it, it’s alot cheaper than the real thing!!
•   Mini Control Range

No real complaints in this section, but nothing to write home about either, decent enough range and control as you’d expect with a car of this style and size.

•   Mini Battery Usage

again, very good a plug in rechargeable battery to in the car and two AA batteries that come in the box, a nice little touch both last for a long time as usual depending on how much you use, and having the music on will make the battery run out that little bit quicker.

•  Mini Controller

Uses 2 AA batteries with a system where it’s only on when your actively driving it so the batteries will last that bit longer, a pretty simple controller, backwards and forwards stick and a left and right, what more could you really need though.

•   Mini radio controlled scale model Over view
Overall this Mini is a brilliant RC car, amazing looks, reasonable speed great control and a price that’s not too shabby I wouldn’t recommend it to the hardcore speed freak but superb car for the younger kids aged anything up to 13, or for someone just looking to have a lil’ play about or for something not to frightening or for those fans of the Mini or of beautiful model cars

I’d give it a high 3.5 out of 5 over all, moderate car, not the best but certainty not the worst.

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