Saturday, 24 July 2010




This off-road buggy is one of the best cars we've ever seen let alone had the pleasure of driving, for a car so big it can really move, theres so much to this buggy, from the moulded aerodynamic body, to the big spoiler at the back, amazing.

With this R/C monster trucks big, knobbly off-road tires you will never find yourself needing more grip, whether your on grass, concrete, mud or a rough mix of all 3 you'll have full speed, full grip and near perfect and perhaps some of the best turning/handling we've experienced, independent hydraulic operated turning and independent fully functional suspension again aids with not only a stylish strong technical look, and offers a better drive, you will simply drive over any and everything in your way!

With built in high tension bumper bars at front and rear that protect the main body and inner workings from any crashes you will have nothing to worry about with this, you can repeatedly go full speed into a solid concrete block if you would so wish to, and not find anything destroyed, shaken or even scratched!

interchangeable bodies can choose from several different styles colours and shapes, and adjustable height of the body on the chassis  with simple pins, meaning that within seconds you can basically have a completely different car!

this 1:10th scale 4 wheel drive off-road monster truck, is going to cost you quite a large amount but it's well worth it, not only is it simply a great drive and alot of fun, there's endless possibilities to change, swap, improve everything on it, from new wheels, rims, suspension, batteries, engine, antenna, body, you name it you can change and improve it, imagine spending hours upon hours under a car bonnet, well this is just like that only abit smaller!

Really good control range with this R/C car, we didn't even attach the antenna onto the car but still got amazing distance using just the unravelled antenna wire! so imagine a good 30 40 feet at-least with the antenna on before you even think about losing your control.


rechargeable plug in battery that lasts for ages from our tests quite a bit longer than the normal aswell, especially as this car has alot of power thus needs alot of energy!

The controller uses a hand full of normal AA batteries and with most controllers, they don't really require too much battery power so they last and last and last and this big simple controller has the ability to change left/right trim, and reverse backwards and forwards on motion trigger and reverse left/right on twist wheel all quickly easily and straight away meaning no matter where or when your driving, you can get it perfect!


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