Wednesday, 7 July 2010

1:20th scale Mini RC Forklift Truck

1:20th scale Mini RC Forklift Truck

1/20 scale mini RC forklift truck which is an accurate replica of the full-size trucks, included is 4 cones, a pallet and a miniature crate to manoeuvre around so you can test your forklifting skills, or as i, and i expect most people will use it for, being lazy! whether you use it to pick up the remote from across the room and bring it to you, or allow the kids to play with it, it will be enjoyed!

• mini Forklift Speed

As you'd expect with it being a forklift truck it's not going to be zooming around, but your not going to be sat waiting for it to get anywhere, and getting bored and giving up before it does, reasonable enough really.

mini Forklift Handling

Much like the speed you get pretty much what you'd expect, no drifting or donuts but a realistic forklift driving, and with abit of practise you'll be steering around the cones perfectly and quickly.
•   mini Forklift Looks
Not going to be expecting the good looks of a ferarri or lamborgini, but it does have a pretty good detailed realistic looking forklift body right down to the steering wheel, seat and leavers inside the cab.
 •   mini Forklift Price

Pretty cheap little toy here, and for a scale remote control forklift it is a similar price, if not cheaper than any normal simpler toy that won't give you/your kids anywhere near as much fun and possibilities as this!

•   mini Forklift Control Range
Good enough, you won't be driving it across a field, but unless your house is really huge, your gonna be able to easily get it around everywhere without any problems.

  mini Forklift Battery Usage

abit surprisingly the forklift uses 4 AAA batteries as aposed to the usual AA, and 1 9V in the controller and they will last more than long enough.
•   mini Forklift  Controller

Uses 1 9V battery, very small and simple controller, a simple button for each of the directions, backwards & forwards, and left & right aswell as a light switch style button on the top to raise and lower the forklift.

•   mini Forklift Over view

Basically this "toy" is alot of fun whether you buy it for the kids to play their games with, or for the 'boys' to use on the desks at work, or to aid their lazyness around the house, it's cheap, works really well and can do alot for either, over all we here at R/C Topgear reckon it's actually alot better than you'd expect and give it a high 3.5 out of 5

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