Thursday, 27 May 2010

R/C Radio Controlled BB Firing Tank 3808

Radio Controlled BB Firing Tank 3808

Great little tank here, we've had ALOT of fun playing with this and shooting and climbing over anything an everything.
 •    Speed
As it’s a big tank don’t expect to be speeding around but for what it is it can shift, probably about the same speed as a normal cheap RC car, but because of it’s tank tracks, it can do that over any terrain.
•    Handling

Really really good handling on this tank, you have 7 directional keys meaning you can easily go in any direction, backwards, forwards, forward left/right and backwards left/right or combine two of them for a quick 360 degree spin perfect for following the enemy!
•    Looks

Great looks on this as you can see from our video it could be mistaken for a real tank(if you excuse the size) and it’s customizable with stickers, full camouflage style paint and even a “driver” which can be fitted into the top of the tank.
•    Price

Really decent price for what you get with this tank, it can move, spin, full control over the turret, barrel and great firing mechanism you won’t find anything as good for cheaper.
•    Control Range

No complaints in this section, it’s not gonna reach for miles but more than enough and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be running after it to regain control.
•    Battery Usage

With only 1 9V battery which surprisingly comes with it in the controller and a built in plug in rechargeable battery for the tank which will run and run and run, you’ll have more than enough battery to enjoy this for a long time.
•    Controller

Uses 1 9V battery  which comes in the box a pretty unusual one handed design for this controller but you can easily learn to use it perfectly, and has a nice grip, and easy reach for all buttons over all very good.
•    Gun/Turret

Great turret on this tank, amazing distance and power coming from the barrel with a fearsome warning light and noise according to the box it can reach up to 25m and from my experience that’s not an exaggeration and with a turret that can turn nearly 360 degrees you’ll be shooting down everyone with BB bullets
•    Over view
Overall this tank is excellent, decent enough speed, great looks, great control and ability to climb up and over just about anything you’ll encounter, powerful shooting, free battery, and targets to shoot at, all at a good price you won’t need anything more. I'd give it a 4 out of 5.

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