Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mini R/C Remote Control Stunt Vehicle

R/C Stunt Vehicle Review

•    Speed

Pretty good speed from this little car, although you’ll spend most of your time spinning and flipping around at high speeds, but you won’t be wanting for straight line either.

•    Handling

The amount of spins, flips, and stunts you’ll be doin with this mini beast will keep your more than satisfied, you might find it abit tricky to drive around a corner, but your not gonna be wanting to do that with this, it’s all about the stunts.

•    Looks

Not really great looks on this, but it’s not about the looks, reasonable enough looks and colours to attract the younger kids, but other than that nothing exciting.
•    Price

Nice cheap little car, and all contained in a nice little tub created with the controller, great for train journeys, or to keep the kids busy anywhere for a little while.

•    Control Range

No real complaints in this section, nice control range, your not gonna want much range as ya gonna spend most the time spinning around doing the little stunts within a few feet, but you can get a pretty decent range either way.
•    Battery Usage

Only needs a couple of batteries in the controller which are going to last for months and months which in turn charge up the car within a matter of minutes with a built in contained wire that simply plugs into the car, very good.
•    Controller

Uses 4 AA batteries, pretty normal. Not the most comfortable shape but works well, really simple button controls, built in charger for the car in a see through end section, and connects to the top casing to create the tub for the car, not to bad overall, pretty original ideas.

•    Over view
Over all it’s not a bad little car, charges up within minutes, looks bright and colourful, easy use, a lot of fun, can be used with practically no space easily, I’d recommend it for the younger kids to spin and flip about, below the ages of around 13, anything more would get bored reasonably quickly but overall I’d give it a 3 out of 5.

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