Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Radio Controlled Licenced 1:18 BMW X5 Sports

BMW X5 Review

the BMW is an excellent car for a cheap price, decent looks nice handling great RC car

•    Speed

Nothing special about the speed of this car, but it’s not going to disappoint either but plenty of fun still enough speed to get some sideways action if your on the right terrain and has some reasonable off-road abilities.
•    Handling

Brilliant handling with this car much like the previous Nissan your not going to be doing hardcore drifting or high speeds but you can handle your car more than adequately for pretty much anything you might want to do. 
•    Looks

Great looking car, it doesn’t have masses of detail on it but certainly looks like a very beautiful scale model of the BMW such as the iconic front grill, you’re also going to be getting fully working front and rear lights alloy style wheels.

Really good price for this car you’d struggle find something this good for cheaper, low priced, good car what more could you want!?

•    Control Range

No real complaints in this section, but nothing to write home about either, decent enough range and control as you’d expect with a car of this style of car.

    Battery Usage

As with all of our tests we were using the same very cheap batteries in this case 4 AA batteries in the car and 1 9V in the controller, after about an hours time the performance and ability of the car did distinguish, but after a short rest it did work fine again for a while, overall reasonable enough use of the batteries.
•    Controller

Uses 1 9V battery Good forward and reverse motion through one finger, reasonable looks and a simple easy turning mechanism, styled like a car wheel with soft tire grip nicely weighted, not to sharp and not to stiff.  Very nice moulded grip for ease and comfort, Overall a decent controller.
•    Over view

The BMW X5 is a very good car, decent looks, great drive, a lot of fun I would say it’s more for the younger kinds below the age of about 12/13 to enjoy fully but for the cheap price anyone else would still be able to have a lot of fun with it, all in all I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

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