Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Radio Controlled Mini Shark 3ch mini indoor helicopter

Radio Controlled Mini Shark 3ch mini indoor helicopter review

•    Speed /height

As this ‘copter is supposed to be an mainly indoor heli don’t expect to be flying around the clouds but with it’s infrared controls you can get a decent height and distance more than enough for even the biggest house, and plenty for outside fun too although be prepared to get running after it outside if you fly to far.

•    Handling

Again as it’s been made and designed as an indoor ‘copter so your going to get control enough to wiz around the living room so there’s defiantly going to be enough handling for all your needs no disappointments.

  • Looks

Great looking small helicopter metal frame colour coded with the rear fin plastic front cover which I believe to be customizable, very good and solid looking.
  • Price

Pretty reasonable priced copter and worth the money in my opinion you gonna have a lot of fun even on them rainy days sat inside flying this little beauty around your house.

•    Control Range

As this is a mainly indoor copter don’t be expecting miles and miles but it certainly has enough for the indoors and just enough for outside, very good.

•    Battery Usage

The controller runs off 6 AA batteries and expect them to last, even if they are cheap and the helicopter it’s self can either be charged from any USB port using the wire provided, or from the controller which has it’s own built in wire in a nice little slot which I believe to be unique to this and means it can be charged up anywhere.

•    Controller

Great controller bright and colourful, has everything you need in terms of controls that are very easy to manoeuvre and the nice built in charger for the helicopter makes it that bit better.  

•    Over view

Over all it’s a really good RC helicopter, does it’s job really well, great controls, looks good, and a decent price, I’d recommend it for the younger user, about 10 upwards but plenty of fun for everyone 4 out of 5 for me.

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