Sunday, 27 June 2010

9057 R/C Remote Control Helicopter Review

9057 R/C Remote Control Helicopter

•    Speed /height

My god, only one word needed, PPOOOOWWWEEEEEERRRRRR. HUGE motors, HUGE cogs and even an independent motor and cogs for the tail rotor, raw size and power will blow anything else out of the sky!
•    Handling

If you take it slow and concentrate on control this copter can do amazing things, it all again comes down to the power, if you dive right in it'll be up and gone and out of control before you know it! but if your skilled, or take your time, it'll be great!
•    Looks

Really good looking heli' even looking at it you get the feel of power with it's immense size, everything to do with this helicopter is just big and powerful!
•    Price

Although this is a pretty expensive copter I think it’s well worth it, if your interested in customization you can do it all, exciting controlled flying, it can do it, your not going to want or need anything else so it’s well worth the price.
    Control Range

The only way your going to get higher and further away is with a real life helicopter very very high, and far away, and all the way back brilliant.
•    Battery Usage

As with a lot of copters this doesn’t use batteries but does come with a plug in charger and you’ll need 4 AA batteries for the controller but mine are yet to run out yet after a few hours of fun.
•    Controller

Not the best of controllers with this one, it’s pretty big and chunky but does give you the feel that if you need a controller this big that it’s going to be controlling something mega, has all your needs on it up down, left right, around and around rudder control, aerial even has small feet to stand it up.
    Over view 

Excellent, brilliant and you won’t find much better without selling your house to pay for it, it’s got everything, height, ability, control, looks, price, customizability, and that one thing that i've not yet mentioned, POWER, wouldn't let younger kids near it without supervision but teenagers should just be able to control it
  I wouldn’t recommend anything else 5 out of 5 for me.

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  1. are there any videos

  2. i have bought this helicopter and don't know how to fly it, something is wrong with the remote control and i can't change the channels